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  • The Canadian city of Montreal hosted a snow-sculpture contest as part of the annual Carnaval de Quebec this past weekend, and it turns out that Mother Nature was on their side. A photo contest attracted contestants from both sides of the border: young artists like Nathaniel Hart and Mary Scott were joined by professional sculptors Sora Kim and Jeff Wright.

    The rules were simple: each artist had to create a sculpture of a celebrity or fictional character, using "as few tools as possible" from the materials provided by the event's sponsors. The only things allowed were water, plastic sheeting, shovels, and brushes. A cold front swept across Quebec that weekend, with temperatures dropping to -28 degrees Celsius (or -18.4 Fahrenheit), but that didn't deter the artists, who used Quebec's recent deep freeze as inspiration for their designs.

    Snow was plentiful, and sculptors were allowed to bring their own tools, so many of them brought large industrial-sized water guns they called "super soakers."

    One snow-sculpture legend, Jeff Wright, described the weapon as "the most powerful soaker you could get. It's good for molding snow and packing it down."

    Wright returned to Montreal this year after a 10-year hiatus from competition. And he wasn't the only one: Sora Kim also took a break from snow sculpting before coming back to this year's competition. "For the first time in 10 years we saw a really good snowfall, and that made it challenging," said Kim as she began working on her sculpture. "I spent four days just packing down the base of the sculpture with my body weight."

    In fact, Mary Scott took this idea literally: her sculpture was a tribute to Jeff Wright, who won second place in the contest. She made a bust of Wright out of ice, standing it on top of a pedestal that was carved with his initials.

    The official winner of the competition was Mary Scott again, with her sculpture of American jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. Her piece featured Fitzgerald's head emerging from a compact disc, surrounded by silver stars.

    Snow art isn't just about sculpting: there are several different categories in the Montreal snow-sculpture contests - traditional, freestyle and biggest snowman - all judged on creativity and originality.  

    Every snow artist had a different strategy for tackling the unique challenges posed by their material.

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    The way snow slots are set up means that, if you were to bet on a single line at a time with 1 coin per line, then the lowest possible payout would be for 3 matching symbols on any one of those lines. In this case, it would be worth 3 credits as the minimum you can win from matching those symbols. This means that, if you played with 3 coins per line - the maximum number allowed - then your lowest possible win would be 9 credits. You can also see where this is going in terms of overall payout percentage, based on how many paylines are activated.

    Snow slots may look like a boring game at first glance. But I assure you, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. If you stick with it and play within your means, then you will be quite surprised at what can happen. My first playthrough of this game lasted for about one hour and netted me over 5 million coins. Not bad, don't you agree?

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    Any player would want a better return than this in their favor when playing games at the Canadian online casino Jet, the only downside to the snow slots game is that it doesn't payout very often. But when it does pay out, you can expect it to be something worth remembering. So why not give it a try and find out how you get on?

    The good news is that you can use this game as a way to relax and give your mind a break while at the same time having fun. If you don't feel like playing for too long, then I would recommend setting yourself an alarm (if playing on a desktop) or simply taking regular breaks every hour. This will help you to stay fresh and focused while you are playing, without the danger of losing your bankroll.

    Snow slots can be found in most online casinos these days. The game is very simple to play, yet it has given some players a lot of fun over time. If you give it a go, then I'm certain that you will have good memories of it as well.

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